60 to 60

Saturday, May 27, 2017 5:00 AM
1 Memorial Drive
Arlington, VA

Event Summary:
6th Annual Ruck to Remember | 60 to 60 is a 60-mile hike/ruck also known as a mission to honor our fallen and empower those still coming home wearing the wounds of war. More then an event - Every step will remind you of why you are there as you focus on Honoring, Empowering and Remembering our War fighters both past and present. Open to both Civilians and Veterans - this mission will cement a level of camaraderie so deep you will create friendships that will last a life time.
Event Details:


 6th Annual | Ruck to Remember | 60 to 60

The 60 to 60 is a 60 and or 6 mile hike / ruck but more so a mission of remembrance, to honor, empower & never forget the sacrifices made by our war fighters past & present over Memorial Day Weekend.

Once you register for the 60 mile mission - You will join a team of patriots, young and old alike – led by at R2R Team Leader – all driven by a patriotic passion that begins with the very first step and continues to cement a deep bond and friendships that will build as you complete the mission and beyond.

The 60 mile mission begins at the base of the Iwo Jima War Memorial early Saturday morning - where you are then placed into your assigned teams (you will know before hand too) and driven out to Harpers Ferry, WV.  From here - you, your team and team leader step out on mission - never looking back - each step up and over the mountain will remind you why you signed up to honor and empower those that gave all on this very emotional and powerful journey of remembrance. 

The Final (6) mile mission - it may be less miles, but those final miles is where the team and the community need you the most - Signing up for the final miles means you will join the 60 mile team at mile 54  - base of the Iwo Jima War Memorial in the early hours of Monday (Memorial day) morning - the team as one - will participate in the final Stories of Valor before stepping off on the final 6 mile journey - through the National War Memorials and up over Memorial Bridge - stopping just outside Arlington National Cemetery - before a silent walk into section 60.   


Ruck to Remember Memorial Day Mission:  60 to 60 

You will be assigned to a team based on the pace you select when registering.   If you desire to be placed on a team with a friend / family member – please email us at info@rucktoremember.org after you register.

All 60 mile team members will muster at the 0500 on Saturday May 27th at the Iwo Jima War Memorial (Parade Deck).

Before loading busses - everyone will receive a welcome & safety brief, then all teams will be driven out to Harpers Ferry, WV where the teams will embark on the Mission – traversing, i.e., Hike/Ruck over the rugged terrain of the Appalachian Trail and continuing down through the landscape of Northern Virginia via the WO&D Trail where they will stop on planned strategic breaks to refuel and share in the Stories of Valor segment of the 60 to 60 mission.  

Together over Saturday and Sunday the Teams will continue the mission down to Arlington, VA to meet with the team members of the Final (6 miles) miles. 


Note: The Final Miles - Team Members must meet at the Iwo Jima War Memorial Parade day at 3 am on Monday May 29th.  

Then together, as one team you will take part final Stories of Valor at the base of the Iwo Jima War Memorial and together step off on the final miles of the 2017 RUCK TO REMEMBER 60 to 60 Mission – The Team will complete their mission in the early hours of Memorial Day morning as they descend down into Washington DC – pushing through the National War Memorials & over Memorial Bridge & finally into Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery – continuing the mission to Ruck to Remember – Never Forgetting the Sacrifices made.

Note:  All Teams come together at the respected RPs - and all finish together in the final miles - in a massive formation - Honoring - Empowering - Never Forgetting our Warriors of War.


TEAM PACE Options (mph)

3.5 – 4.0

2.5 – 3.5

2.0 – 2.5


Team Athlete’s are not required to pack additional weight beyond that of the required gear list (see below).   If you do decide to add additional weight please email us at info@rucktoremember.org with any questions on how to pack, and train for the weight & distance. 


Early Need to know Dates


Friday – May 26, 2017


1500 – All Teams (60 and 6 mile) are required to attend and check in at the 60 to 60 Meet & Greet Social @ Key Bridge Marriott, Arlington VA.

1600 – Team T Shirt Handout 

1800 - Ruck Packing Class “How to pack and wear your backpack”  

Saturday – May 28th 

0500 – Teams Check in at Iwo Jima War Memorial w/all required gear   

                   - Welcome/Safety Briefing 

0530 – Load Busses (movement to Harpers Ferry WV)

0800 – Teams arrive in Harpers Ferry WV (Mission Brief)  

0815 – Teams Depart in assigned timed intervals

1500  – Estimated Time of Arrival at Purcellville Volunteer Fire House


Sunday – May 29th

1200 – Arrival at Old Ox Brewery  

1900 – Team’s Muster for Bus movement to Vienna, VA 

Monday – May 30th (Memorial Day)

1000 -  Arrival at ANC – Silent movement to Section 60




More details on scheduling will be found at www.rucktoremember.org in the coming weeks.


Additional Details:


BOOK YOUR ROOM – Park your Car near the Start Point


Team Hotel – Again this year we will be partnering with a local hotel near Arlington VA / Iwo Jima to provide a discounted block room rate – more information will be coming out on this in the coming weeks.


Volunteers (Red Shirts) 


Red Shirts are key to our 60 to 60 Mission – if not for them, we would not be able to complete the mission.  If you want to volunteer or have friends or family that want to volunteer we want to hear from you!  Email us at info@rucktoremember.org for more information.




There is no fundraising commitment in 2017 – But you must join the 60 to 60 Crowdrise Team page by February 15 – and help raise awareness, in addition to what you want to raise by way of funds - Honestly we do this to not only help families of the falling and to empower those coming home with wounds of war – but also to extend our mission awareness.  However, whether you raise $5 or $5000 – you are a member of the Team that will be part of our mission to raise awareness - More details on the 2017  Veteran Charity Partners will be provided after registration.


60 mile Team Member Required Gear / Packing List:

·         Ruck/Back Pack  

·         Tan / Khaki Hiking pants (must be work at all times)

·         You will be issued the Team T Shirt at Check (60 mile Team members only)

·         Water – we recommend a Camelbak/bladder system at least  (2) 100 oz bladders is required.  (must be refillable)

·         USG issued ID  

·         Head Lamp w/white lens 

·        3 – 8 hr Green Chem Light / Glow Stick (Green light sticks are accepted)

·         Durable shoes w/Extra Socks – if you plan to change them


Recommended Gear  

·         Back up batteries

·         Cell Phone (water proof it if you bring it).

·         Extra cash – we will have plenty of breaks and stopping points

     - Snacks / Food - you will be provided food at 2 RPs (Sat PM, Sunday afternoon) please bring enough food / snacks to sustain yourself in between.   

·         Body glide, Chap stick, Sunscreen


Final Mile Team Member Required Gear List

·         Small back pack/ruck

·         32 oz of water (this can be in a bladder or bottles)

·         Head Lamp (white lens)

·         You will be issued your Team Shirt (to be worn during final miles) at Mission Check in or Monday AM before stepping off to complete the mission

·         Khaki Hiking Pants (to be worn during final miles)





REMEMBER - Signing up is the first step and the hardest –

Please join the Ruck To Remember Facebook Community Page where team members will collaborate on gear, strategy, and fundraising ideas!  Either way getting to know your teammates, early is always a good thing!


Ruck to Remember | 60 to 60 Community Page 



 If you have any questions concerning the Ruck to Remember or want to support it in another way – please email us at info@rucktoremember.org This Mission of Remembrance starts with ensuring everyone is prepared






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